Posing and Flexing Muscles at Photo Shoots

The photo shoot I did in Los Angeles was actually broken into two days for six hours. I will be honest, I put everything into it. I was 168 pounds. I was probably a legit five percent body fat. Naturally, I am not that lean of a guy, so I really worked hard. It was hard as hell, straight up.

Squeezing your abs isometrically, for the many... every photo, I am a hard-working dude. Every photo I am taking, I am thinking this is the one that's going to be on the cover of the magazine. I want this vein sticking out in my chest. I want this ab looking hard as a rock.

So, I put everything I had into it. And dude, I was hurting for like a week after that. Because it was hard, but it was extremely cool. When I took my shirt off, and Corey looked at me and says, "You brought your A-game today." I said, "Dude, I been working my tail off for six months for this." I wanted it bad. And when I took my shirt off, I was ready to be there, there is no doubt about that.

It was really exciting to see the finished product but it is hard work. It is not as easy as everybody thinks it is. The time invested is definitely worth it, though.

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