Male Fitness Model Diet

By Franco Ruggiero, a student at Bergen Community College.

Hi once again this is Franco from

With bulking season coming up, I wanted to discuss for fitness models bodybuilders, people who kind of need to be on call whatever because you never know when you gonna get a call for a photo shoot, you need the money, you never know when there's gonna be contest coming up where you need to be absolutely shredded for. what I'm talking about is staying relatively lean while trying to put on some mass.

And a lot of guys don't understand this concept.

A lot of guys you talk to, well, you know it's bulking season - I'm going to eat whatever I want, I don't care, it's time to let loose.

That's wrong. It's wrong because it just means more work later on. What you wanna do is, you want to eat good solid clean food and maybe cut back a little bit of cardio. That's all that means.

For a lot of guys that are prone of being fat, for guys that are Endomorphic, which is the somatotype, the body type for being heavy, and guys who that are also mesomorphic, the muscular type, if you are a mezo endo, you really have to watch yourself.

I think even guys who are ectomorphs and mesomorphs, both the same combination, but with the ectomorph instead, I think guys should really watch themselves too - even if they're from prone to being skinny.

Because if you eat way too much, eventually something nothing - no good will come from it if.

I'm suggesting is: the best way to do this, starting off is to stick with vegetables.

If you want more carbs stack up on your green vegetables. Your broccoli your asparagus your green beans your spinach your baby spinach no iceberg lettuce plain salads I mean add in some earthy vegetables too, throw some mushrooms in there I love red and green peppers, those are personally some of my favorites.

Those are good choices to increase your carbs as well. Also, yams are good healthy choices as well. They are potatoes, but they will break down as complex carbohydrates which means slowly digested in this system and stored away, it's not fast and quick like a regular baked potato is, or a piece of candy is.

Whole grain, multi grain pasta, brown rice, Uncle Ben's brown rice is probably the most famous brand name. if you stick with those things, Those are the healthy ways to increase your carbs.

I say have any of the grain carbohydrates, the cereals, the pastas, anything like that, Cheerios, plain Cheerios, have that all before 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

After that, just stick with earthy, vegetable carbohydrates, like the broccoli like things like that.

As far as protein is concerned, since you wanna increase your mass, have steak a couple more times per week what the best thing is always grilled chicken tuna - can't go wrong with those things.

Sushi is an excellent choice - can't go wrong with those things because you get your roll with your rice your carbohydrate, have that for lunch have that earlier in the day - tuna and salmon,

That's a bodybuilder's, that's actually very bodybuilder friendly if you ask me.

But I would also like to suggest well, is watching what you eat, keeping a food log, writing down taking in how many calories You are eating per day, roughly, approximately.

And a good way to determine whether not this is working for you is if the end of each week, on a Friday or Saturday for even Sunday, you get on the scale and you see if you gained weight.

If you have not then I would suggest increasing your caloric intake, eating the foods, eating more of them. Possibly eating more grain carbohydrates if that does the trick for you.

That's the best way to determine your specific sensitivity to this, whether you have one or not. Another way would be also to, when you get on the scale, look at your body, get calipers and measure your body fat percentage. See how much weight you're gaining, how much fat your gaining, If you're gaining more body fat, you should probably not gain no more during bulking season than another 3 to 4 percent body fat. If you're gaining if you see your body fat increasing rapidly I'm talking about a percentage per week cut back - lower calories a bit.

Another great to do this too, cardio will save you. If you do low, a lot of, or even interval training, which is high intensity, jogging, sprinting, walking for about 20 to 30 minutes. If you pick one of those 3 things and you do it not more than three will no more than 3 times per week, because remember you're still trying to build mass you just wanna keep your body fat down, you want to be very body fat conscious which is what I'm talking about. You wanna do this, you want to do cardio maybe 3 days per week, on non training days or at least not on weight training days.

You really wanna hit your legs hard with squats and deadlifts so I suggest don't break them down any further - they have already taken enough of a beating doing squats, they are already broken down enough with doing an intense leg workout so skip the leg day, skip the day after, go back to cardio the next day basically any day after that immediately you want to get on the treadmill maybe the elliptical for no more than 20 minutes. 20 to 30 minutes tops remember you're trying to build mass don't go overboard you just want to be body fat conscious.

Basically that's all this whole segment of me talking is all about: watch your body fat don't go insane because if you do, that means later on in the end when you have to lean out again for a shoot or a competition, or its beach season or whatever your purposes is, or if you are a boxer and you have to cut weight, you're gonna have an extremely painful, difficult time getting down, losing weight and controlling yourself from hunger because you had all these things, you had all this junk food and all these extra calories for 3 to 4 months.

It's not gonna be easy to cold turkey turn off from that. You're gonna have withdrawal cravings, so the best thing to do is just always eat healthy remind yourself I am on call all the time, and I want to be at my best all the time.

All the time - remember that: all the time.

Stress that to yourself.

Once again this is Franco from Eat healthy and train hard. Be smart. Eat smart. Once again, thank you.

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