Important of Building Relationships With Fitness Photographers

Building a network a relationship with many different people in the industry is huge.

To have one or two solid photographers on your speed-dial on your phone locally and out of the country - and I have even done photography work in Aruba.

I went to a big modeling contest that was on E! TV one time. That I actually saw on TV, which is pretty exciting, - but you have to have people in your network. You never want to burn bridges. You want to find people who you work with who you click with, I guess your personalities work well together, you like the way they move you around the shoot. They are easy to work with.

I created an awesome relationship with Corey Sorenson, who is one of the top fitness photographers out there. The relationship that I created with this great photographer that allowed me to shoot and additional 12 hours with him months later, that I paid for my travel to get there, but it was worth all the experience an the photos I received from him that I could shop to other magazines.

Its hard to find those people, but I think you should really search out and find them, so you can call them at any time when you are in condition, so you can say "I want to shoot for this magazine," or "I want to shot these pictures, can you shop them around for me?"

That's what I do. When I get in shape, I make my phone calls. I call my guy in Florida, I call my guy in LA, I call my guy in New York. And it's easy as that. It took me a while to get to that point, but that's how you do it.

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