Best Way To Stimulate Muscle Growth

You know, I really do enjoy going from lean phase to gain phase. Personally, I started lifting weights to be strong and big. Weighing 175 and lean is fun, and it's fun to have abs and everything, but in reality, I'd much rather deadlift for 450, bench almost 400 and my squat's around 500, competitively currently. I do competitive curl, where I curl 182 pounds without no swing all so.

The biggest thing is I think you just feel stronger overall, all the way around. So, I enjoy in my gain phase, I like the lean phase too, but I definitely prefer the gain phase more. But you're more marketable when your lean, I got to admit, but it's a means to an end.

I came off a bodybuilding show in March of 2007, and what I compete with as a body weight is hundred 175 pounds. I was probably about 7% body fat, pretty good striated quads and whatnot. And then my abs rolled out in. And what I thought I wanted to do was I almost wanted to get up to the next stage version next year into about 185 lean instead of 175 lean.

So what I did was I went on gain phase, where I do mostly powerlifting techniques, eating seven meals a day, low glycemic carbohydrates, a good bit of calories, lots of fats, good fats, lots of, like I said, low glycemic carbohydrates, about a pound, pound and a half per gram of protein per pound of body weight, good creatine load phases and just your core deadlifts, squat, bench and just try to make those as big as I could, which produces the most testosterone in your body naturally - so you can gain muscle.

And I really believe by doing that on regular basis, you can produce the most natural muscle mass. Just concerning myself with those three lifts, and just trying to stay injury free.

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